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13 Killer Video Interview Tips

December 21st, 2016 by lewis

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Have an upcoming video interview? You might be nervous if you’ve never used video interviewing software before.

Have no fear. Read these tips, and you’ll feel confident, relaxed, and ready to ace your upcoming video interview.

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Dress Appropriately

Just because you’re interviewing from home doesn’t mean you can dress casually. Dress as you normally would for an in-person interview.

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Examine the Lighting

Aim for soft lighting in front of you. You can open the curtains or turn on a lamp. Avoid lighting behind you; it’ll cast a strong shadow.

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Check the Microphone

If the sound is not clear when using your computer’s default microphone, consider plugging in a dedicated microphone for higher sound quality.

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Wear Bright Colors

Bright colored clothes provide appropriate contrast on camera. Stay away from lighter colors, which can get appear washed out on video.

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Make Eye Contact with the Camera

If you look at your own image, it’ll look like you are looking down. A downward gaze is a submissive gaze. That’s the opposite of what we’re shooing for: a confident candidate. Instead, look at the camera, not the screen. Imagine your webcam is the individual that is talking to you.


Maintain good posture. A solid office chair may help. It’s easy to record from a couch and lean back. Do so and the interviewer may perceive you as not interested in the job.

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Be Aware of the Background

Distracting backgrounds, such as moving people, a cluttered room, or an unfinished garage wall, can take the focus away from you, the candidate.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet connection is working and reliable. Last thing you’d want happening is to lose a carefully crafted video interview to poor Internet reception.


Schedule a mock interview with a friend. Practice both your interview skills as well as recording in front of a webcam.

Have a Conversation

Interviewers don’t like to hire those who are nervous and anxious. Pretend you’re having a conversation. If you’re relaxed, you’ll be more likable. And hiring managers hire those that they like.

Consider Timing

Most video interview questions have a time limit. If your response is too short, the interviewer will perceive you as not having much to say. If your response is too long, the interviewer will think your communication skills are lacking.

Be Poised

Individuals who can showcase their actual identity while maintaining professionalism are typically chosen for another interview.

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Do your Homework

Don’t scramble to figure out what kind of questions to ask at the end of the interview. Ask two or three questions concerning something you can’t research on your own.

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