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“Microsoft called and I am going to get an offer for Principal PM. Tough decisions since Amazon are just about to give me 12 directs. Thank you!” – F.R.

“Chelsea, I just wanted to let you know that I got the Vice Provost job that you helped me to prep for! Thanks so much for all of your help. I felt immensely more prepared and relaxed during the day of interviews because of my work with you. The single most important piece of advice you gave me was to talk about the key ideas I planned to present at the end of the day throughout the day and to not assume that those I spoke with during interviews would be there. In fact, there were very few people who I saw more than once so it was important for me to reference the model that I developed and presented throughout the day because it was a great way to show how I was thinking about the position and the work that needed to be done. So thanks so much for your help! I will certainly plan to reach out for more coaching next time I am prepping for an interview! I have my eye on the goal of applying for a Dean position in about 4 years and am excited to be able to develop new skills and experience in this position to prepare for that.” – F.T.

In large part to Laura’s super helpful session 2 weeks ago, my onsite at Uber went great! We’re working to move forward and I have a call tomorrow at 4pm PST to talk about comp.” – T.S.

“Just want to drop you a quick note. My due diligence interview went well. I have been invited to participate in the next round. It’s great working with you and thank you very much for your help. Have a great weekend.” – T.I.

“Megan, I want to thank you for your coaching yesterday – 5 out of the 7 questions we got to practice yesterday were part of today’s Facebook interview, so I think I did very well.” – I.M.

“Hi Chelsea, so big news! First, I was asked for a phone interview. Big focus on strategy to grow practice. Second, I got the job. Thanks so much for your help! You were awesome!” – N.T.

“Chelsea, I appreciate all the time and effort. I feel much more confident about the interview now and can also clearly see the areas for improvement.” – B.D.

“After our interview training last year I got the job! It took 10 interviews including with some incredibly senior people. So senior they use encrypted email – which had a nice spy craft feel to it. I started working a month ago. It is a really great job that I am really enjoying. So far it really feels like a dream job – a bit of a life changer. I feel that your interview training was absolutely crucial to me getting the position. I could not have done it without you. It’s made a big difference for me.” – B.N.

“In large part to Laura’s super helpful session 2 weeks ago, my onsite at Uber went great! We’re working to move forward and I have a call tomorrow at 4pm PST to talk about comp. I’ll definitely be recommending your services and books to friends in the future.” -T.S.

“Just a note that I aced the Skype interview–thank you for helping me prepare. I also did well enough in the live interview to get the Associate Dean’s job at (a top West Coast university). Stoked! Kaizen! Thanks!” -A.B.

“You may have heard from others, but we all made it through our interviews successfully! We’re now all official Google employees. 🙂 I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your help! It was invaluable to spend time on mock interviews with you, get constructive feedback on my responses, and ultimately feel more confident going into the process. I also really appreciated that you were able to make availability for me on such short notice. Thank you thank you!” -N.S.

“The conversations with Chelsea went well, and my interview on Friday was very successful.” – K.S.

“I secured and signed an offer! It happened to be the best position of them all! Senior Manager, Business Operations for (top-tier startup). I also mentioned Impact Interview to a few of my friends so they may be reaching out :)” – I.R.

“I just received an offer from Amazon for the Senior Product Manager Technical Products internship! I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the help you’ve provided me.” – E.O.

“The interviews went well on Friday. I appreciate you help in preparation. I was ready to answer all their questions thoroughly. Got a few about how to handle difficult situations and people etc. I anticipate an offer sometime this week or next.” – I.S.

“Update, I got the job!!! Another win for Impact Interview!” – A.K.

“Hey Lewis! Just wanted to share some good news – I landed a PM internship at Google this summer. Thanks for all your help, it was really useful! Let me know if I can ever repay the favor.” – L.R.

“Chelsea, I just wanted to let you know that I got the job!!!! So excited. Thanks for your help.” – N.T.

“I’ll be starting at Twitter next week. I got offers from Amazon, Twitter, Groupon, and a couple of startups. I decided to go with Twitter!” – O.J.

“FYI – I just received the OFFER from AMAZON yesterday evening!!!!! I am beyond excited and wanted to send a note to you to thank you for your help through the process. Amie – you were a fantastic interview coach and really helped me think about the best way to frame up my experience and examples. THANK YOU!!!!” – M.I.

“Chelsea, I had my interview at Target on Wednesday. The interviews went really well. The practice really helped in my confidence and also delivery of my narratives. They called me yesterday and said that the team met and it was really a very easy decision for them. They are working on an offer in the next few days. I can’t really thank you enough! Appreciate all the help and fine tuning you did with me.” – T.L.

“Chelsea, I just wanted to say thank you again. The interview went well and the intro really helped set a great tone for my presentation. I even had to make up a story on the spot, but all the practicing helped me do it without panic. 🙂 Thank you! and have a great day!” – M.B.

“Chelsea, I got my top choice job! Thank you and happy holidays! You were wonderful, and I am grateful!” – J.A.

“Chelsea, just wanted to let you know that I did get the offer! Thank you so much for your help! Everything we practiced was so helpful in keeping me calm and confident going into the interview. Really appreciate everything!” – C.C.

“Thank you so much Chelsea! The interview went really well and they said they would like to set me up for second rounds! I am very excited and want to say thank you for all of your help and for helping me ease my nerves! The breathing exercise was also sent from heaven! Sometimes when my nerves get the best of me, its hard to talk over the sound of my heart beat!” – L.N.

“Lewis, I am a current second year student at [top-tier business school]. If you remember, we had met during your session here last month, and I had mentioned how I had found your workshop and book useful for securing the internship at Amazon and was about to interview with Google. I have gone through the recruiting process with Google as well, and have an offer from them as well now for a full time role. Thanks again for all the help through the process through your material!” – B.E.

“Good news! I just accepted an offer from Amazon for a Sr.Program Manager role.” – W.K.

“I’m happy to say that I’ve accepted a senior product management role with [top tech company]. After many failed interviews, working with Andrew and Saraid improved my interviewing skills to be at the same level in which I work. Immediately after receiving their feedback, I successfully got the offer. When I have to interview in the future, I’ll come to you again first. Thank you for invaluable service you provide.” – T.F.

“Jennifer gave me a lot of useful tips and was great help getting me ready for next interviews! She was very friendly and personable. I enjoyed our sessions. I think they were very helpful. I feel more confident and know how to prepare better for my next interview.” – X.E.

“Amazon plans to extend an offer as a senior manager. Thanks for your help in prepping me. Really appreciate it.” – B.D.

“Thank you so much for your Facebook PM coaching help. I made it.” – P.T.

“I am happy to report that I have received a job offer from Amazon. Your coaching program for Amazon has definitely benefited me!” – M.B.

“My coaching with Seema went great! I really appreciated her feedback. And the good news is I have a couple offers.” – D.H.

“I got excellent feedback from the HR person through my agency and they loved me! Hats off to you guys!” – L.E.

“Kelly is really, really good! You were not lying. Both from an expertise and coaching perspective, Kelly is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. Just wanted to say thanks.” – I.A.

“I got the job! Your perspective and coaching couldn’t be more perfectly timed! The company offered the upper limit of their salary range and that’s great. I really thank you for your help thinking through the negotiations.” – T.T.

“Lewis, I got two offers for marketing roles! I really appreciate the tips & time you took to up my interview game.” – D.B.

“Got the Amazon offer, with an initial package that was ~$100K more than what I currently make at [a top 5 tech company]. It’s a dream job for the role of Principal Product Manager for a [special project]. – Q.K.

“Farrell, I just got home from the interview a little while ago! I absolutely KILLED the interview thanks to your help!!! I know I did extremely well, was extremely confident, relaxed and enjoyed the whole experience. You were such an amazing coach, regardless of the outcome I can’t thank you enough for everything you helped with.” – I.F.

“Thanks Kelly for your interview coaching! I got offers from both Amazon and Apple.” – S.N.

“Thank you for your invaluable advice and feedback in our session today. I have worked with other coaches and by far, I gained the most out of this session. I feel better equipped to make my career transition. I will work on my project management slides before our next session. I look forward to speaking with you again!” – I.V.

Thank you so much for the mock interview today for the Google MBA intern role. I found it really useful and am positive your inputs will help me during the interview. Have a great day! – I.E.

“Impact Interview keeps working for me 🙂 I took the job offer from Microsoft as a [job title withheld]!! Joanna did a great job prepping me for this interview! The recruiter honestly told me that I beat out 25 candidates for the role that I interviewed for 🙂 Would like to thank you again for setting me up for success :)” – S.D.

“I am happy to share the good news with you- Amazon made an offer today and I accepted the position. Thank you for your coaching and guidance.” – I.M.

“I got an offer for Cisco to be a product manager! Thank you for your support and your help!” – C.F.

“Just a quick note to say that I nailed the interviews. NAILED IT! Worked great. We all had a good, fun time. References are being checked on Tuesday (I know I have the job).” – I.P.

“I’m very happy to share the news that I’ve been offered Principal Product Manager with Amazon. Thank you for giving me the confidence to succeed at the interview!! Definitely worth the money!” – I.J.

“You helped me a couple years ago prepping an interview for the role that I am currently in right now 🙂 Thank you again! Would love to work with you again to help me prepare for this interview.” – P.D.

“You told me that interview preparation is a lifelong skill to develop. Thank you for putting things in perspective, you’ve given me such a boost in an area where I had significant opportunity for growth, and I can see now that what I learned will serve me well into the future, as I progress with my career. I have referred 3 friends to Impact Interview so far. You all are doing great work and I hope you’re around for a long time to help folks be successful!” – P.P.

“I am very grateful because Impact Interview helped me get a job some months ago. It is a great service!” – B.P.

“Impact Interview was absolutely worth every penny and more. My only regret is not doing more sessions.” – E.G.

“I recently accepted a job offer! I learned so much, and am really grateful for your services. I’ll be sure to send my friends your way.” – G.B.

“I saw immediate changes to my interview success after working with Rebecca. She made me feel like she was my advocate and on my team from the very first meeting. She assured me that I had made a good decision that will lead to success. She asked me questions that would give her insight into my career history and my specific hang-ups and challenges. Rebecca encouraged me to prepare answers in advance and she honed in on techniques to open and close interviews in a warm and inviting manner. She rehearsed with me, and I made specific changes as a result. Overall, she always expressed confidence in me. Her coaching made a huge difference and I am now employed.” – K.G.

“I had my first meeting with Amie this morning. She is perfect. Very knowledgeable, poised, helpful and easy to talk with. I received some great guidance from her today.” – C.E.

“Lewis, I got an offer to join Amazon as Senior PM – Technical products and have a second round for Google PM next week. ” – N.D.

“Brent, I had my interview last Thursday and I was very well prepared. So much that I was contacted the next day to move on to the next round. I have been sent 16 questions about my background and those typical behavioral questions that I have already drafted for our sessions. If I pass this round, I will move to the final round which will be a series of interviews at the New York Office. Thank you so much, it was great working with you.” – S.S.

“I passed [the Foreign Service interview] with a 5.7! Thanks so much for your help Brent. It made a big difference. The interview was very smooth. I’ll recommend the service to others.” – I.N.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got a [Google PM] onsite! Thanks for the help! The materials was critical during the phone interview. The interviewer said I did well and the recruiter even called me an hour after the phone interview to schedule the onsite.” -I.F.

“Amie, I am impressed by what I got out of our meeting and found it to be very helpful. The Impact Interview service exceeded my expectations am glad that I made the discovery just searching on the web (you never know what to expect!).” – J.R.

“Lewis, you are so good at what you do! Very impressed with your coaching style and techniques.” – L.A.

“Amie, my son received an offer last evening from Amazon. He mentioned that the coaching was very beneficial.” – A.I.

“The recruiter called me today and told me they want to move forward with an offer. It worked! You have been a tremendous coach. You exceeded my expectations.” – I.A.

“I had a great session with Andrew. He gave me very structured and focused feedback on areas I wanted to discuss. He was great to talk to and went through all problems systematically.” – L.R.

“Seema, I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that the Super Day went great. I was very confident, and in turn very relaxed throughout all three interviews. They just called me to offer me the position, and want me to come up and start before the date that was originally proposed. I couldn’t have done it without your advice and I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.” – S.W.

“I wanted to let you know that last month I have joined a [Fortune 500 company] as a Senior Product Marketing Manager. Thanks so much for your help throughout my job search.” – B.O.

“Andrew, I just came back from the final interview with [a top bank] last night, and I would like to share the good news with you. I want to thank you for the two lessons we had as the company extended me the offer right on the spot. Your suggestions have really helped me to strength my interview skills and boost up my confidence.” – I.X.

“Thanks for your time last week! Your feedback on the answer structure and delivery was very useful.” – G.R.

“I got the offer 🙂 Thanks again for your help.” – O.R.

“Your counseling helped me a great deal, and gave me more confidence in myself than I had before. I definitely owe you thanks for playing a vital part in my journey.” – L.M.

“I am stoked to share with you some GREAT news- I am an oncology RN resident at a top 3 hospital in my area! I got the job!!! One of the 6 positions available, no less. Thank you for your time, teaching and guidance! They are priceless for me!” – N.Q.

“The interview went very well. Your help & tips were extremely helpful. I was only about 5% nervous. I was able to answer their questions. One question they asked, was there anything I did which I later regretted? I stumped for a bit, but was able to answer. Farrell, I can’t thank you enough.” – B.R.

“Farrell, you really got me much more ready than I could have gotten myself even with weeks of prepping.” – L.Y.

“My recruiter told me that the hiring committee is recommending me for a product manager offer! I’m moving onto the exec committee soon, and I’m excited! Thanks for all the help and the great material.” – I.I.

“Martin, I got the offer from my dream company. The ultimate compliment at the interview: the hiring manager’s boss said that I had the poise and strategic thinking of a consultant. That person was a former BCG consultant. :)” – I.G.

“Yesterday I received an offer from Google, and I will be moving pretty soon. Thank you Sarah for your help in the coaching sessions; it was very important in getting my offer.” – E.C.

“Melissa, I want you to know that I think your absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t be where I am right now without your assistance.” – F.G.

“I joined Twitter. Thanks Lewis for all your help!” – F.B.

“Hey Sarah! I made it! Just accepted their job offer for product owner at [a top 10 European Internet company].” – S.O.

“Quick update on my job search: I wound up accepting an Associate Product Manager position at [a top 10 consumer Internet company], and I’ll be moving to San Francisco next month. I wanted to thank you again for your help!” – R.M.

“I want to thank you for your coaching. I received an offer from [a leading medical practice and research group] this week.” – B.E.

“I want to thank Andrew – he was great. Very bright and insightful.” – S.Y.

“I got an offer Friday and have accepted :-). Many thanks for all your help, looking forward to the adventure.” – I.E.

“I wanted to let you know that I got the offer for FB Product Manager position. Again, I want to thank you for all your help and for providing candid feedback.” – U.J.

“I got facebook! I’m super excited 🙂 Thanks a lot Lewis!” – F.R.

“I’ve landed on an Amazon PM internship + offer last year thanks to your awesome materials.” – I.K.

“I got the Senior PM role! You’ve been extremely instrumental in helping me perfect the product case interview challenges with your CIRCLES method. In fact, I was hired specifically for my structured creativity and my ability to ideate innovative solutions. I’m very grateful for our coaching sessions, your frameworks and support.” – K.M.

“Thanks for all your help Lewis! My LinkedIn profile is getting more attention. I’ve had 3 more recruiters reach out to me since last week.” – C.B.

“I got the Senior PM role! You’ve been extremely instrumental in helping me perfect the product case interview challenges with your CIRCLES method. In fact, I was hired specifically for my structured creativity and my ability to ideate innovative solutions. I’m very grateful for our coaching sessions, your frameworks and support.” – K.M.

“I had an interview today and want to thank you for the tips you provided during our consulting session last week. Your perspective about the importance of sharing memorable stories, communicating honestly, and developing a free-flowing and friendly conversation were invaluable. The opportunity to dry-run an interview and getting direct feedback revealed the impact of over-filtering my speech.” – R.G.

“I got the offer with Accenture! Thank you for all of your career guidance, and I look forward to learning more.” – A.T.

“I got the offer! You really got me over that “slump.” I will recommend you to everyone who needs to interview. Thank you for helping me have a great ending to my 2014.” – A.C.

“Your interview skills preparation in July helped me land an analyst job at Target. Thank you!” – T.Q.

“Thank you for the incredibly helpful session in August. I ended up getting offers with several top start-ups. I will most likely take Google, but still deciding.” – B.B.

“We had done three coaching sessions back in July. That went well, and I went onto the second phone interview, the face to face, and have just been extended an offer from Google for Product Management. Thanks so much!” – B.A.

“My senior VP just gave me the offer. Thanks for your help!” – A.B.

“Just signed the offer for a Google product marketing manager role. Your tips helped me relax and concentrate, so the time went by quickly even though it was really a tough interview.” – D.E.

“I have been offered the position in the advanced technology research group. I start next month. Thanks for the coaching. It was very helpful in knowing how to tell my stories succinctly. Well worth the investment.” – N.N.

“I have accepted an offer for a Product Manager role in Chicago. I wanted to reach out to you and thank you. It was helpful to gain confidence and ace my interview. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues who are looking for a PM role.” – O.O.

“I wanted to share some good news. I got the offer! Thanks again for all your help.” – Q.L.

“I got an offer! It was great working with you. There was a big difference on the interviews before and after our coaching. I will definitely recommend you to people trying to transition.” – F.R.

“I got an internship last week. I will be going to the Bay Area! I found your inteview sessions very helpful, and I look forward to working with you in future.” – B.Q.

“I received and accepted an offer at Google. Thanks again for all your help. (Your coaching) has been extremely helpful.” – E.L.

“I got the job!!! I could not have done it without you. I will definitely recommend anyone I know when they are in the interviewing process.” – I.A.

“I wanted to share the good news with you. I’ve been asked to the next round of interviews where I’ll meet the CFO and two other VPs from other areas that I’d be working closely with. Your advice really helped, I was calm and I was able to create a conversation within the interview.” – Q.L.

“I got the job.” – A.S.

“I had my in-person interviews down at Facebook last week and got my offer letter the next day! You were definitely a huge help in preparing for the interviews.” – L.S.

“Just wanted to let you know that I rocked the interview after our meeting on Tuesday and was offered a position with the company I interviewed with! I have learned lots over the last 2 meetings and am very grateful for the opportunity to work for you. Thank you again for all your help!” – Y.U.

“I GOT THE JOB!!! Your coaching paved the way for this to happen!” – M.M.

“I still remember our coaching sessions from three years ago. You gave me the confidence and training to move about the world.” – M.R.

“Thanks for your time today. I’m restructuring my answers to flow more logically and concisely. When I play the answers back I can already notice a difference in clarity and effectiveness. ” – G.J.

“I got a job offer from LinkedIn. Thanks a lot for all your help and coaching.” – C.J.

“Practicing with Lewis was definitely worth the time and money! He was flexible in tailoring the cases to my industry and function specific needs. We made very efficient use of the 3 hours to help me prepare for an upcoming interview. I definitely recommend signing up!” – Consultant, Marketing and Strategy

“Only 1% of [1st year] MBA’s get their internship during the fall quarter. I’m the 1%. Wanna know how? Impact Interview, bitch.” – J.H.

“I enlisted Lewis’s expertise for a retrospective on how well my compensation negotiations went after I had already accepted an offer. His insights and perspective were eye-opening and I am certain I could have gotten much more if I had his advice at the beginning of my job search. I regret not enlisting his expertise earlier. I will definitely seek out Lewis again when its time for my next major career move.” – S.P.

“I’m so glad I hired you. You’re brilliant at what you do.” – A.P.

“I accepted the offer. Thanks so much for all your help. I really benefited from all the feedback you gave me.” – A.S.

“Just got a job offer! Went in confident but not arrogant, and tried to stay succinct and factual. Thanks again for the help. You gave me great advice.” – V.D.

“Did what you told me to do. Got offered the position 🙂 ” – R.E.

“Lewis, they offered me the job last Thursday, and I accepted! Thanks you so much for all your help and guidance; it was invaluable in helping me land this job. ” – R.N.

“Lewis thank you. Your feedback is precise and actionable.” – N.R.

“I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer from Google today! Thank you soooo much for your help!” – F.B.

“I was offered and accepted the Product Manager position with Google. I started a few weeks ago and I am working out of Mountain View. Thanks again for your coaching and assistance!” – R.O.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got the Product Manager job at Google! Thank you to you and your team for the great prep courses, they really helped.” – E.R.

“I received and accepted an offer with Amazon.com. All the coaching/practive were a huge part of giving me confidence to go in a “sell, sell, sell” myself. I’ll be passing your name along to those (like me) who need some brushing up on their interview skills!” – B.H.

“I got the job! Been dying to say that! I even negotiated a better salary than they offered. I’m so stoked. Couldn’t have done it without your coaching. I’ve said it before but YOU ROCK!” – M.F.

“My wife and I wanted to thank you for your coaching. She joined [a Fortune 500 company] as a Sr. Finance Leader. I’ve joined [a leading start-up] as a Director of Product Management. We’ve now moved to the Bay Area.” – M.T.

“Jon is extremely well qualified and knew exactly how to help me prepare. He guided me through some finer points that I had not previously studied. I was confident during the interview and got a great offer.” – J.D.

“Jon is very good. He states complex problems and solutions in a concise and simple manner that is easy to follow.” – A.S.

“Jon was an exceptional coach with no-nonsense methods for breaking down and solving the most complicated of interview problems. I received the exact lessons I needed for the positions I’m applying for, including industry-specific subjects. Easily my smartest purchase decision in the last year.” – A.P.

“Your coaching paid off. I got the job! I could tell the interviewers were impressed. My confidence was much higher than last time and now I feel much better about interviewing.” – C.R.

“I was very confused about an upcoming interview that I had, as I heard it would be very tough and involved lots of behaviourial and hypothetical questions. I contacted Lewis and he gave me an asessment of my strenghts and weaknesses and how I could improve my weaknesses. The interview turned out to be a success and am currently employed with the company. I thank Lewis for his asessment and training. ” – H.P.

“After being in the same job for over 7 years, I really needed to refresh my interview skills. Lewis was honest, encouraging, structured and extremely helpful. He has excellent insight and offers great advice on how best to respond to the different kinds of questions that may come up. Practicing these skills with Lewis really built my confidence and interviewing skills. I landed two really great job offers from two exciting companies within weeks of being coached. I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Lewis to others.” – D.C.

“I just returned from a final round interview for the job of my dreams at a leading technology company and I could not have been more prepared! The combination of incredible industry insight and approachable targeted feedback Lewis provided helped me put my best foot forward when it mattered the most. Some opportunities are far too important to leave to chance. I would strongly recommend Lewis to anyone who wants to deliver when it counts. I’ll be hearing from the company any day!” – Z.P.

“I decided to try Seattle Interview Coach after reading the blog. I’ve had plenty of experience in technical interviews but felt I needed a refresher. Jon was extremely well qualified and knew exactly how to help me prepare. He guided through some finer points that I had not previously studied and walked me through the non-technical aspect of the interview as well. I was confident throughout the interview and ended up getting a great offer.” – J.D.

“Jon at Seattle Interview Coach helped me brush up my hidden skills where I was lacking. I really improved my recursion with the 4 steps formula. Now I am able to solve almost all recursion problems. It was good experience. I would recommend others for these sessions.” – A.B.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I got the offer. Thank you so much for all your help! I was just so well prepared all the interview questions felt incredibly easy.” – D.F.

“I decided to try Seattle Interview Coach because I wanted to understand the perspective of an interviewer better. Although Lewis is not a scientist, he helped me distill my experience into a more simple dialogue that highlighted my accomplishments. The coaching I got was extremely valuable and has benefited me beyond the interview table.” – K.H.

“Seattle Interview Coach provided me the outside perspective that I needed in order to best position my strengths and make the necessary adjustments and improvements to align myself to the new role I’m seeking. My coaching sessions with Denise have been a great experience as she not only helped me develop crisp answers that the interviewer will be looking for but was also very supportive and encouraging in helping me meet my goals. This is one of the best investments that I’ve made for my career. Thank you!” – D.E.

“I decided to use Seattle Interview Coach because they had specific expertise in preparing me for both the case and fit interview. As someone who is seeking to enter management consulting without going to business school, it was essential that I work with a coach who could fully prepare me for the process. My coach did an excellent job providing me with the knowledge and confidence I needed for my interviews.” – A.P.

“Lewis, thank you for your encouragement, expertise, and knowledge. You really changed my perspective on job interviews and more importantly, my self confidence. I don’t know how anyone else could have been as good as you were at this.” – N.S.

“I have great news! I had the interviews a few days ago, and I got the informal offer today! I am sooo happy with the outcome of the interviews – 5 out of 5 interviewers picked me. I definitely don’t think I would have pulled it off without your help.

Thank you soooo much. I will definitely be recommending you to others. Your help was invaluable as a means to package my skills. You helped me to develop and structure my most convincing arguments and showed me many examples of how I could place them during the interview session. You also gave tremendously helpful input for focusing on the aspects of my achievements that would resonate with my target positions. Thanks you very much again!” – D.G.

“After I found an awesome job posting at a top bay area company I spent hours preparing for my on-site interview. My background is a little different than most of SeattleInterviewCoach.com’s other clients. I have my BFA in Textiles and I’ve been an Interior Designer for the past five years. I decided to make the move over to online advertising six months ago.

When the job came up my husband suggested I contact Lewis at SeattleInterviewCoach.com. My husband hired Lewis last year, and it really helped him land several offers from top bay area companies! I can’t recommend them enough. Even with short notice I was able to line up an hour phone conversation. My coach walked me through several great interview questions. My on-site interview went so well the VP wrote the recruiter the next morning saying “CALL A.V. TODAY WITH AN OFFER!” It felt so good hearing that because I knew it was my call with Seattle Interview Coach that really helped me. Thanks so much!” – A.V.

“I got the job! I will likely to sign it off today and send it over. The package is US$ 180K a year plus a signing bonus! Our sessions did help me a lot particularly with the 8 interviews I went through there. Thank you for your help.” – R.I.

“Lewis, I got the job! Thank you so much for all the feedback and training. I don’t think I could have gotten the job otherwise.” – D.O.

“I found out about Seatle Interview Coach while searching the Internet for interview tips. I decided to give Lewis a call, and give this a try. I am sooo glad I did that! I started with just one session and ended up doing another with Jon. Both sessions were extremely useful. During each session, Jon gave me a mock interview (and it was definitely like a real interview) and constructive feedback on my performance. The sessions increased my confidence a lot and also made me aware of my weaknesses.

All in all, I would definitely recommend at least one or two sessions to anyone preparing for an interview. You will be glad you did that! Thanks a lot Lewis and Jon!” – S.P.

“I have great news to share. I have accepted the offer to be the Chief Client Relationship Officer. I would like to thank you again for your interview coaching; it gave me the edge to get this outstanding career opportunity. – D.H.

“The personal attention that I received by far exceeded my expectations, while the exploration of my experience in order to tailor my answers to address the requirements of the roles that I would like was fantastic.

I was not rushed through the hour and received additional work sheets, suggested reading and plans that supported the session. For me this was great, by nature, I like to do homework, to have it checked, to ask questions… My coach read every word that I wrote!

I would recommend that anyone even contemplating a new career should book a session or two in preparation for their interviews, this service is not just a coaching service, it is an investment in your future career!”- M.W.

“I had two training sessions, and I found them extremely helpful to position my experiences in the most attractive, compelling way. We all have our own blind spots in terms of how we perceive our own strengths and weaknesses when trying to tailor our career stories to a particular job description, but my coach provided very candid and constructive feedback on how I should organize my answers, highlight quantifiable achievements, conduct extra research, etc. He definitely helped put myself in the right frame of mindset. I also appreciate his flexibility to work around my schedule on the last minute notice. Thanks again! – J.W.

“I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!! 🙂 Formal offer is coming tomorrow, but they called me first thing this morning to let me know the team voted unanimously for me as a candidate and they would like to move forward with a reference check!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! They said my preparation for the interview really shined through and made me stand out amongst the other two (very strong) candidates. I’m on cloud nine and don’t even know where to begin to say thank you Lewis! YAY!” – A.F.

“Jon, I did the interview and just received an offer today! It was a pretty tough set of interviews, but I was really confident after our coaching session. I’ve already recommended you to a few of my friends.” – E.L.

“Lewis, thank you so much for our conversation this morning. The information you provided was extremely valuable to my job search, and, it was great to be able to speak candidly with a hiring professional and obtain objective feedback.

I’ve been busy this morning, taking your coaching to heart and reworking my interview responses using the framework you provided.

I really appreciate your assistance, and have already recommended you to a friend of mine who is also beginning a job search.” – H.S.

“I landed a product marketing position! I needed every advantage possible to land a full-time position at Starbucks headquarters. My sessions with Lewis took my answers from “serviceable” and pushed them to the next level. As I tried to read the reactions and body language from across the interview table I could tell my answers to their behavioral questions were really dialed in. The competition was so close that I’m positive I would have been edged out without repositioning my interview answers based on Lewis’s constructive feedback. This was by far my best investment in 2009!” – R.C.

“The interviews went great. I got the job! I thought I could benefit from some guidance on how to prepare for the interviews – what questions would be asked, what the interviewers would be looking for – as well as feedback on my various stories and presentation style. I was finding it difficult to evaluate my own answers to the story-based questions and thus was looking for some knowledgeable outside perspective. The coaching was enormously helpful in two ways: first, it helped me be confident that – if I prepared as he suggested – I would be well versed in the story-based questions and answers that were likely to comprise the lion’s share of my interview. My coach provided a structured way to explore a variety of my past experiences and understand those experiences in light of the skills or qualities that they demonstrated. Secondly, the coach provided a couple very helpful tips about preparing for other aspects of the interview – including identifying some good sources for industry research on the product whose team I’d be joining.

Overall, it was helpful to have someone to check in with semi-regularly in anticipation of the interviews. He was a great partner: friendly, supportive, and candid.” – L.S.

“I GOT THE JOB! Lewis, thank you for your efforts in coaching me! I know it was last minute. But it was extremely helpful for my interview. I felt much more confident and things just seemed to flow better than I expected during the interview. Anyway, many thanks, and I will keep you as a reference for future interviews!” – A.L.

“Lewis helped me present my best self in the interviews. His feedback brought about immediate improvement, and I thought I was already very good. Thank you so much for helping me get a Senior Product Manager job.” – J.N.

“Lewis helped me prepare for an interview for a Sr. Product Planner role. It had been a while since I interviewed and I knew I was rusty. His coaching and feedback increased my confidence and made me feel prepared for the types of questions I would be getting. His style is patient and professional. I ended up getting the job! I would definitely recommend Lewis especially in this economy where the competition for jobs is tough.” – S.V.

“Lewis knows exactly what HR managers look for in my resume and cover letter. He was an excellent tutor for my consulting case interviews, and I received two offers from well-known strategy consulting firms. Lewis also gave me valuable tips on negotiating my compensation package. Thanks to his advice, a top consulting firm raised their initial offer by over 50%.” – P.N.

“I am interviewing for a position in Microsoft. Lewis tailored his coaching to my situation and provided a practical framework on how to tackle common interview questions. Overall, a great coach, and I definitely have learned something that I can use and reuse in the future.” – C.W.

“I was offered the position this afternoon. I don’t think I could have pulled it off without your help. Thank you very, very much. I will definitely be recommending you to others in the future.” – S.S

“Lewis encouraged me to discuss my compensation package with the prospective employer further. He has a very objective perspective and great insights into the dynamics. He helped me achieve a win-win situation.” – M.C.

“I highly recommend contacting Lewis for a consultation and to sign up for his services. His suggestions helped me re-align my focus and delivery so that I feel in control of my interviews once again. We need more services like his to be mandatory with unemployment benefits, in my opinion.”- Geoff T

“You boosted my confidence by making me feel that I did well, while also giving me lots of information on how I could either improve each of my answers or approach the answer in a different manner. Your feedback was invaluable.” – E.C.

“I spoke with Lewis the day before my first set of Google interviews. I can’t overstate how helpful he was in focusing me and sharpening my answers to common interview questions. From the high-level “how to position an issue,” down to the very tactical phrasing of my personal statement, Lewis added terrific insights.” – A.N.

“Before I landed my current position, I had been on several interviews but never got the call back that I had secured the job. However, I did walk away with a list of things that I could have done better. I felt that if I had several more years to interview for that perfect job, I would have enough time to perfect my interviewing skills. But, unfortunately I did not have the luxury of time; I needed a job sooner rather than later. Since I did not have the time, I decided to maximize the effectiveness of my interviewing skills by working with an interview coach. That was one of the best decisions I could have made. I became aware of just how valuable my skills and experience were and how to sell them. I also became more adept at answering the hard questions and most importantly I became more confident. I believe working with Lewis with Seattle Interview Coach was a strong factor in my securing my current job.” – T.F.

“I want to thank you for all the prep help. Having the time to focus on my presentation and practicing giving answers helped quite a bit.” – R.W.

“Thank you Lewis. I am better prepared for my next interview. Well worth the investment.” – T.F.

“On Monday I received an offer for a great job, and happily accepted it. It is exactly the type of role I was hoping to get at exactly the type of company I wanted to be with. After 4 rounds of interviews I was thrilled to get the news yesterday.

With a tough job marketplace, I knew that I would need to present the best form of myself at every interview. Working with a coach would allow me to receive critical feedback about how I present myself, how I demonstrate my experience, and how I can get that coveted job. With Seattle Interview Coach, I saw an opportunity to receive professional, seasoned advice to achieve results. The Seattle Interview Coach package is affordable, and more importantly, customizable so that I get exactly what need from this experience.” – J.B.

“I began following Lewis Lin on Twitter about a month ago and his comments and links were always relevant and informative. As I had some approaching interviews, I decided to sign up for a session to practice and shake the dust off my interviewing skills. I am very glad I did. Lewis quickly identified my weak points and demonstrated how I could improve both my message and delivery. I had read the lists of common interview questions but they are no substitute for a “live” interview environment. Lewis’ advice was not merely based on the mock-interview but was tailored to my resume, current situation and job target. I will be returning for additional sessions and highly recommend Lewis to anyone looking to improve how they market themselves during the interview process.” – D.N.

“I had a couple of interviews and was not chosen for the job. I realized I needed to re-evaluate my answers to the interview questions. After working with Lewis, the interview coach, I learned techniques to better structure answers to questions and also my presence in an interview.” – R.T.

“Thanks again for all your help and taking time off to coach me. The coaching was great and I really learned a lot from your feedback.” – P.P.

“Good news! I have been asked to fly up for a third round interview. Thanks for all your help!” – L.R.

“I just graduated from college, on honors, and landed a job! It is a Fortune 500 company and on the Nasdaq 100. I will be working on an inside sales team. Thanks again for all your help.” – S.R.

“What I loved about working with Lewis is that he knows how to listen to your experiences and turn them into stories that are powerful answers in interviews. I could tell after my first conversation with Lewis that he was very experienced and knew what he was doing. Lewis is also a great guy, he spent a lot of time answering my questions and returning emails even when we were not having formal sessions. I would strongly recommend Lewis!” – J.R.

“Thanks a lot for your help yesterday preparing me for my interview. Your points and especially your advice about things I should think about in advance really helped me to feel confident and perform well during my interviews today. I don’t think I could have done as well without it, and I really appreciate how you scheduled the session with me on such short notice.” – S.L.

“Thank you for being so generous with your time last night. Before last night, I lived in dread of the “what’s your weakness?” question. And that was apparently…quite apparent. You gave us such great ideas for this; I am already brainstorming some success stories I can use. I feel much more optimistic about improving my interview skills, and I really appreciate your taking the time to teach us. Thank you again.” – R.H.

“It has been a few years since my last interview, so I really wanted to sharpen up my skills; Seattle Interview Coach seemed like an ideal way to do it. I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive they were; even though my interview was only a few days away, they were able to find time to setup an appointment for me.

It is really valuable to get detailed feedback from a person who has extensive interviewing experience. I really can’t think of another opportunity to get this kind of feedback. Sometimes you can get a comment or two from a company after you’ve interviewed with them, but it’s rare to get any detailed feedback. With Seattle Interview Coach, I was able to get very valuable feedback based on a mock interview and have many questions answered. I really appreciate the service – it’s well worth the investment! After our session, I’m actually looking forward to the interview and I feel very confident!” – E.L.

“My coach really helped me with my resume and interview stories that highlighted my experience with software. I was looking to switch industries and how to be an appealing candidate for Microsoft.” – S.B.

“Lewis, thanks a lot for your help. I’m really glad I did this rather than going in cold. You’ve given me lots of helpful tips to finish preparing over the next few days.” – N.G.

“I received an offer from Microsoft! Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it!

I want to thank you for all the help that you had provided me during this past week. Your preparation was extremely helpful, and I am certain I interviewed well because of the preparation that you had provided me.” – M.T.

“Interview coaching is valuable for everyone. We weren’t naturally born as good interviewers. My coach (Lewis) pointed out my interview strengths and areas of improvement. It helped me focus and be more efficient during my interview practice.” – V.H.

“I finally got the 2nd interview request today! I definitely thank both of you and Josh. I will introduce your service when my Japanese friends have job interview with American company.” – M.Y.

“Jon is very good. He states complex problems and solutions in a concise and simple manner that is easy to follow.” – A.S.

“Jon was an exceptional coach with no-nonsense methods for breaking down and solving the most complicated of interview problems. I received the exact lessons I needed for the positions I’m applying for, including industry-specific subjects. Easily my smartest purchase decision in the last year.” – A.P.

“I got the job offer! The two sessions were very productive and did a world of good for my confidence going into my Oral Assessment. I appreciate the time Brent took to focus his coaching on the requirements of the assessment. I’ll be sure to recommend Impact Interview and Brent to others looking to hone their interview skills.” – K.P.