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google product manager interview technical questions

During the on-site interviews, Google product management (PM) candidates will get a technical interview in the afternoon, especially if they’ve performed well during the morning interviews, which consists of product design, analytical, and strategic questions.

To help you prepare for the technical interview, here’s a list of recently reported technical questions for the Google product manager interview, based on our research and work with recent Google PM candidates.

Coding Interview Questions

Write an algorithm that detects meeting conflicts.
Write a Scrabble-like algorithm that finds playable words, given a set of letters.

Technical Architecture Questions

How would you design a messaging app, from a technical perspective?
How would you design the Google search engine, from scratch?
Design a load balancer for
How would your reduce Google’s bandwidth consumption?
How would you resolve a server bottleneck?
You’re part of the Google Search web spam team. How would you detect duplicate websites?

Technical Trivia Questions

What happens when you type into a browser?
Explain recursion.
Explain object-oriented programming.