Acqui-hire Interview: Our Success Stories

March 29th, 2017 by lewis

Now that the ink has dried, I’m happy to announce that two of our corporate clients were successfully acquired by the two biggest titans in the tech industry. See what our acqui-hire interview clients have to say about our services:

You may have heard from others, but we all made it through our interviews successfully! We’re now all official Google employees. 🙂 I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your help! It was invaluable to spend time on mock interviews with you, get constructive feedback on my responses, and ultimately feel more confident going into the process. I also really appreciated that you were able to make availability for me on such short notice. Thank you thank you!

For both startups, we provided full stack coaching including:

  • Software engineering interview coaching
  • Product manager interview coaching
  • Designer interview coaching including UI, UX, graphic, and visual
  • Marketing interview coaching, including content and product marketing roles
  • Sales and operations interview coaching

If you’re a start-up who’s going through an acqui-hire process or interview, email We can discuss how we can:

  • Help close the transaction
  • Help secure offers for your employees


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