Demonstrate Confidence at the Job Interview by Projecting Your Voice

September 21st, 2010 by lewis

Projecting your voice is an easy way to demonstrate confidence at the job interview. When a job candidate has a soft, quivering, or breathless voice, any interviewer will conclude that the candidate is nervous. Some interviewers will go even further and decide that the candidate lacks energy and self-confidence. Don’t let a weak voice ruin your chances at getting a job offer. Project a strong, resonant voice.
Here’s a helpful tip: imagine a vocal range from 1 to 7, with 1 being a low voice and 7 being a loud voice. Your goal: project a voice in the 5 range. What does a 5 range sound like?
  • For those who consider themselves a loud speaker, you are probably speaking in the 4 range. You can easily go an extra notch — from a 4 to 5 — without being perceived as too harsh on someone’s ears.
  • For those who have been told that they have a soft voice, it’s likely that you have a voice in the 2 or 3 range, and you can easily increase your voice strength by 2 to 3 ranges.
Many of clients tell me: “It sounds like I’m yelling.” While it may feel that way, listeners are attracted to strong, resonant voices. If you’re concerned, find a friend and get their opinion. More often than not, they’ll tell you that you’re not yelling. And they likely tell you how much they love your new strong voice.
In addition to projecting confidence, a strong voice is particularly important during phone interviews. Conversations over cell phones or Skype may be incomprehensible due to poor connections.
Before an interview, practice your strong, resonant voice. Your interviewer will give you credit as someone who is confident, articulate, and memorable.

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