7 Questions with Paul Hill, President of Job Search Intelligence

March 6th, 2009 by lewis

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Paul Hill moved to Los Angeles in the he mid 80’s for college and to play tennis. He’s been in the tech business since the mid 90’s as a consultant, owner, partner, you name it, ever since.  I had a chance to chat with Paul about his latest tech venture, Job Search Intelligence (JSI).
Paul, thanks for dropping by!  Please tell us more about JSI’s free online salary calculator. 
Well, people are looking for a number, and that number should be precise. We emphasize 2 points at JSI: accuracy of the data and ease of use of the program.
How is Job Search Intelligence’s salary information different from other sites like PayScale, Salary.com, and Glassdoor.com?
The biggest difference between us and the other guys out there is our sources of data. We lean on resources that are statistically defensible. Our methodology is strongly oriented to reduce sample bias. Our statisticians are from the RAND Corp and UCLA. We’re not trying to be deferential to any business interests – we’re really making our name through the integrity of our data.
What are the two most important factors in determining how much one is paid?
That can vary by occupation, but in most cases experience and education are the drivers for compensation.
How did you come up with the idea for Job Search Intelligence?
I was thinking of doing a job board and when I saw that there were 40,000 in the US alone, I got scared!! Then I thought, people must need compensation data before they put their resume up on a board. 
In today’s tough job market, is it still possible to negotiate with employers?
Absolutely. Smart employers want great people and they want job seekers that are hungry and will demonstrate that hunger through selling themselves, negotiation, resourcefulness, and passion. Give an prospective employer your own personal value proposition and they’ll be blown away. Demonstrate to the employer how you will make them money.
Asking for a pay raise is always a sensitive question.  Any tips on how to do so?
Go in with an educated position. Justify your claims – like anything in life. 
Any last tips for those looking for jobs?
Yes, look in healthy industries, and I’m serious. We see far too many people skipping health care and government jobs because they don’t know where the opportunities are. That’s a big mistake in this environment.

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