Need Health Care Benefits? Marry Someone.

January 2nd, 2009 by lewis

Michelle Goodman over at the Nine to Thrive blog put together an excellent post on what she thinks will be the 7 biggest work/life balance stories for 2009.  

For story #5, Michelle says: 

7 percent of Americans admittedly to marrying so they or their partner could get on the other’s health insurance plan.

This is fascinating, and I find it completely plausible.  

For instance, many Microsoft contractors are eager to be a full-time employees, and the most often cited reason why is Microsoft’s no contribution, no deductible health care benefit.  Story #5 would take this idea one-step further.  Rather than get a full-time Microsoft job, simply marry someone with full-time status.
PS Michelle gives me credit for inspiring story #2.

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