Interview Coach for Finance Jobs

Interview Coaching Finance Jobs

Impact Interview provides interview coaching for candidates applying to positions at top banking firms like JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.  

The banking interview can include questions like, “What are some of the most significant deals that our bank has completed in the last 12 months?”, “What kind of lifestyle do you expect to have in banking?”, and “What differentiates our firm from our competitors?”

The typical banking candidate does not receive an offer because he or she makes the following mistakes:

      1. Does not show enthusiasm when answering questions
      2. Uses answers that sound too scripted and rehearsed
      3. Fails to do enough research on the company at which he or she is interviewing

Here’s Why You Should Choose Us

      1. Expertise in banking interviewing. Our team has been leading banking candidates to success for over nine years.
      2. Immediate results. In only a short period of time, we are able to provide candidates with prescriptive recommendations on what they need to say and how they need to prepare in order to be successful in their banking interviews.
      3. Interview experts. Our team of coaches are extensively trained in and solely focused on interview coaching. While other teaching components such as career coaching, resume writing, and life coaching can be helpful to candidates, our specialized and streamlined approach allows candidates to fully focus and thrive when it comes to their interviews.

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