Acqui Hire Process: Must Read Articles and Books

January 23rd, 2017 by lewis

acquiring process for startups

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Getting ready for an acqui-hire? We’ve curated the best group of articles and books on the process here:

Attention Startups: Here’s How To Get Acqui-Hired By Google, Yahoo Or Twitter
This how-to article discusses how to easily get acqui-hired by coveted Silicon Valley firms.

Written by the venerable law firm, Cooley defines the acqui hire process and issues to go over with your board

Ask HN: Talk me through the acquihire process
This HackerNews article discusses the process in detail, including documentation and hand-over processes.

How are acqui-hire valuations calculated?
Startup pundits provide insight on how to determine valuation, including a perspective from venture capitalist Jason M. Lemkin.

The End Of The Acquihire – Silicon Valley’s Startup Severance Package Falls Out of Favor
This article showcases data on recent trends in the acquihire process.

If At First Your Acqui-Hire Sucks, Try Again
This TechCrunch article argue why acqui hiring isn’t as rosy as it seems.

Chaos Monkeys
The author talks about the gut-wrenching thought process that led him to acqui-hire his two co-founders to Twitter while he bailed to join Facebook instead.

SEE ALSO: Acqui hire interview coaching

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