LinkedIn Product Manager Interview Questions & Tips

March 28th, 2013 by lewis

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How LinkedIn evaluates PM candidates

LinkedIn evaluates its PM candidates in 7 different areas:

Leadership ability
Can the candidate influence others?  Can they be decisive and back up their decisions with clear reasoning?

Technical knowledge
Can the candidate understand high level engineering concepts and lead discussions with engineering?

Operational ability
Can the PM candidate launch a product?  Do they know how to work with various teams?

Product design
Can they identify what’s good and not so good about a product?  Can they sketch out a product UI?

Strategy & planning
Can they think strategically about the business and put forth a compelling vision?

Business acumen
Does the product manager understand the customer and competitive landscape — along with the threats that are out there?

Analytic ability and data-driven orientation
Is the candidate data-driven?  Are they fanatical about A/B testing?

Recent LinkedIn PM interview questions

Product design
How would you improve LinkedIn’s signup process?
Design an iPhone app which lets you get news content on it.
How do you like the endorse feature of LinkedIn?
What improvements would you make to the site?
How will you improve the webpage of LinkedIn?
How would you improve Facebook to get people to share more photos?

Operational ability
What would you do to increase users signing up for LinkedIn?How will you promote a new feature?

Strategy & Planning
If you were the CEO for Facebook what top 3 things would you do for the company?
How many elevators do you need for a 40 story building?

Business acumen
Why do people use Facebook?How does Facebook increase its pageviews?
How does Facebook increase the number of users?
What are mechanisms which Facebook uses to keep people coming back to their website?

Analytic ability
What metrics will you look at in order to evaluate the success of our product?
How would you determine the success of a specific feature?
Estimate McDonald’s annual revenue.

Have a LinkedIn PM interview? We offer a LinkedIn PM interview course to get you ready, including sample answers for actual LinkedIn PM questions.


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