Speaking Tips for Your Next Job Interview

July 20th, 2010 by lewis

TheLadders has a wonderful article on speaking successfully at your next job interview. Here are my two favorite tips from the article:

  • Learn to listen (and answer the question). The article discusses the importance of paying attention, staying focused, and showing appropriate body language. To take it one step further, it’s critical that interview candidates answer the question being asked. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional detail or a clarifying question if you’re not clear on what the interviewer is asking for.
  • Slow down your rate of speech. Many job seekers are nervous during the interview. When we’re nervous, we have a tendency to mumble or speak more quickly. Articulate your words and project your voice. You can have the best interview responses, but it won’t matter if the interviewer doesn’t understand what you’re saying. How can you determine what your proper speech rate should be? Time yourself. An effective speaker talks at 130-150 words per minute.

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