Why You Need An Interview Portfolio

April 5th, 2010 by lewis

Over the last three months, I’ve helped graphic and fashion designers with their interview skills. For any designer, one of the most important interview assets is their portfolio. A portfolio includes work samples which demonstrate their skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

Any job applicant, whether a designer or non-designer, can put together an interview portfolio. Here are some things you can include in an interview portfolio:
  • Resume
  • Work samples
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Press mentions
  • Awards
Here are some reasons why you should have an interview portfolio:
  • Starts conversations. An interview portfolio can kick-start a conversation. It may raise new topics not covered (or not covered in detail) in a candidate’s resume.
  • Offers evidence of your work. Hiring managers are wary of candidates who interview well and say the right thing on the job, but perform differently on the job. By showing evidence of one’s previous work, a candidate can reduce an employer’s hiring risk.
  • Appeals to visual learners. 60% of us are visual learners, 30% are auditory learners, and 10% are kinesthetic learners. There’s no need to guess where you’re interviewer falls. By presenting an interview portfolio, you can share information visually.
  • Demonstrates your preparation. It takes time to assemble a top-notch interview portfolio. It shows one’s work ethic, preparation, and passion for the job.
For more information about building an interview portfolio, watch Laura DeCarlo’s “How to Create an Interview Portfolio” video below. Lastly, when showcasing your prior work, don’t forget about maintaining employer confidentiality.

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