AOL Copies Google’s Job Interview Process

March 29th, 2010 by lewis

It appears that AOL is adopting a hiring process that’s similar to Google’s, including those tough Google interview questions. Here are some excerpts from Nicholas Carlson’s Silicon Alley Insider article:
  • “Cultural Ambassadors” will interview candidates to make sure they are a fit for the new AOL culture
  • Besides interviewing with these ambassadors, candidates will now be required to go through several more interviews cover topics from cultural fit, to project management skills, to job-specific skills.
  • Scores from these interviews will be be aggregated into an overall candidate scorecard, to be reviewed by the hiring manager and then an exec above that.
  • AOL CEO Tim Armstrong will sit on a committee that rubber-stamps each batch of hires.
  • All hires must go through human resources recruiters, now.
In addition to the changing culture, it appears AOL wants to increase their hiring standards by implementing more approvals and rigor to the process.

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