To get a job offer, lead the interviewer

October 5th, 2009 by lewis

Karen Burns gives tips on how job candidates can lead an interviewer, especially if he or she cannot:

  • Evaluate your skills appropriately
  • Determine why you’re the perfect candidate for the job
As a job candidate, it feels unusual to lead an interview. However, you have more at stake than the interviewer. Don’t let a poor interviewer threaten your chances at getting an offer or the next round of interviews.
Throughout the interview, find opportunities to address your key selling points during the flow of the conversation. Politicians are very adept at doing this. They use what I call the “springboard tactic” – immediately answering one question and then quickly moving to another question. The springboard tactic is a clever way of answering a question while quickly moving onto a more pertinent point, such as why you deserve the job.

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