Interview Tip: Get More Interviews by Sending it Twice (aka “Double-Hitting”)

February 22nd, 2009 by lewis

Liz Wolgemuth over at the US News’ The Inside Job reports an interesting tactic, “double-hitting” first mentioned by a recent New York Times article titled, “A Cover Letter is Not Expendable.”

The idea behind “double-hitting” is to send your cover letter and resume in e-mail and then following up shortly with a hard copy of your cover letter and resume. Apparently the tactic works.  Wendy Enlow, author of “Cover Letter Magic,” said, “I’ve had clients double their rate of interviews simply from doing that.”
I can see how the a job seeker’s persistence (from sending their resume twice) can pay off. Perhaps the paper copy helped the resume standout from a sea of resumes. Or as the article notes, the second resume made it’s way to a hiring manager who didn’t see the resume the first time around.  Or maybe sending the resume in hard copy format shows that you really, really want the job.
Whatever the reason, this a nice reminder to all job seekers that there is more than one path to get the job you want, so don’t hesitate to use a little extra effort and creativity in your job search.

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