How to Handle Surprises on the First Day at a New Job

February 28th, 2009 by lewis

It’s the first day on your job, and surprise — your new employer wants you to do something else. In fact, you might even have a different job title. You feel cheated because it’s not what you were promised during the recruiting process. What should you do? That’s the topic of an interesting post over on the “Ask A Manager” blog.
This happens more often than most people think. I agree with the author; you should discuss this with your boss immediately.
But here’s one additional thought: back in college, there was an old saying — select classes based on the professor, not the subject. In the workplace, the same applies. Your relationship with your immediate supervisor is the most important aspect of job satisfaction.  
Having a good boss should be one of your top requirements when choosing between multiple offers. A good boss can make a difficult or mundane job seem exciting. And of course, good bosses can come and go. They may leave the company, or your division may have a reorganization. So look at your boss’ peers and make sure that you are comfortable working with them. They might become your boss one day.
Lastly, if you find yourself in an unexpected role, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the company. Most employees have the opportunity to do an internal job transfer after a couple of months. So if you love the company, but don’t like the position — who knows, your patience may be rewarded.

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