If Kobe Bryant had a Job Interview, Here’s How He Would Prepare

December 31st, 2008 by lewis

I’m a big Los Angeles Lakers fan, and Kobe Bryant is one of my favorite players.  Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner  of the Los Angeles Times published an insightful, behind-the-scenes article on Bryant’s pre-game preparation.  The article describes how Kobe spends every precious moment reviewing video clips of opponents he’ll be guarding — whether he’s at home, in the car, in front of the locker, or stretching before a game.  And I love the ending quote, which summarizes Kobe’s work ethic, “[Bryant’s] like a straight-A student who still goes to all the extra study sessions.”

His pre-game preparation got me thinking: what if we prepared for job interview questions with the same focus and determination as Kobe does before every single basketball game (and not just the important games like the NBA Finals).  Let’s say we take the time to practice “Why do I want to work for company X?” while we’re waiting for the bus, doing our laundry, or calling up our friends.  Sure, it might be awkward talking to the washing machine.  However, with the additional practice, you’ll have your interview questions and answers down cold.  And when you get the job, you can hold party with your friends at your favorite practice venue, the nearby bus stop.

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