Coding at the Google Product Manager (PM) Interview

June 20th, 2013 by lewis

Many Google PM candidates are surprised when they’re asked to write code at the interview. ¬†Recent Google APM & PM candidates confirm that this is true:

  • “I just went through the interview process for the APM position this past winter.¬† There will almost always be one interview with a software engineer who will ask you to write code.” – Amar Anand
  • “Went through the APM process on site & had the exact same. 4 interviews with PMs/APMs & then 1 dev interview (technical algorithms w/ real code on whiteboard) & 1 VP interview. Some of the PMs asked me algorithm questions – ex. “How would you make the image search faster.” – Jon Chui
  • “Recently interviewed with Google (Q1 2011) and was asked to write a pseudo-code solution involving binary search trees.” – Anonymous
  • “You’d probably have a detailed, in-depth technical discussion about some specific code.” – Anonymous

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