New Class Schedules for Product Management and Software Engineering Interview Classes

May 11th, 2011 by lewis

We’ve just posted our new class schedule for the How to Ace the Product Manager and How to Ace the Software Engineering Interview classes. If you have an upcoming interview for Google, Facebook, or any other tech company, these classes will help you get your dream job.

Here’s what students have to say about each class:

How to Ace the Product Manager Interview

The instructor is a professional.  He knows the material.  His answers proved experience in the areas discussed.

The instructor was very clear and concise. The perfect person to teach this course. It was a well-organized course. I was pleasantly surprised at how well timed the course was, covered everything planned.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and obviously very well qualified to teach the class on product manager interview. I thought, the fact that he had experience working at both Google and Microsoft, made this class that much more relevant to those of us seeking to interview with these and related companies.

How to Ace the Software Engineering Interview

The class was awesome. The instructor covered a lot of useful information which definitely helped my interview.

I loved the insight from a real-world technical hiring manager as to what questions are commonly asked and why such questions are commonly asked.

The instructor was very clear and answered all of my questions.  His strategies and tips on how to get out of trouble when asked a tough question are amazing.

I feel much more confident going into the code / pseudo-code.

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